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About Us

Space is Ours!

We are a dedicated group, who have come together, to ensure that each individual will have the right to claim the vast treasure of space. While this may seem a far off adventure, many of the world's billionaires are lining up to advantage themselves of the great fortunes to be made. Surprisingly, "The Outer Space Treaty" of 1967, gives us all the right to "claim" space. In much the same way we all have the right to "claim" a domain on the internet.

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    With the advent of the new Distributed Ledger Technologies, known as blockchains, each of us will be able to register our claim in an immutable record. Asteroid Australia Pty Ltd has developed a proprietary BlockClaim™ System using HyperLedger Fabric, to catalogue over 940,000 asteroids, with 137,000 known mineable value. You personally can register your claim using this immutable registration system.
    Asteroid Australia has exclusively licensed the BlockClaim™ System to "The Asteroid Society" Asteroid Org Pte Ltd, SG to be the agent for the distribution of the registrations.
    You are invited to register your BlockClaim™. It is $1.99 USD for a $1,000,000 BlockClaim™. The commercial exploration of space is estimated to begin in the next five years.  "Simply put, if You don't claim, someone else surely will."

Numbers Speak

We believe everyone should make their claim to the inestimable value of Space. It is truly the next financial revolution. It is time to combine the genius of Cryptocurrency (ASTRcoin™) with the immutable ledger of a BlockClaim™.
The Outer Space Treaty guarantees us this right, and blockchain technology gives us the method.
Join with the many and most, and become a part of history as we ALL reach to the Stars.


Asteroids On The System


Latent Mineable Value


Pre-Registered BlockClaims™

A Powerful Global Initiative

Tens of thousands of people worldwide have discovered for themselves the value of making a Blockclaim™
ASTRcoin™ is "The New Bitcoin of Space "


Hyperledger Fabric& The Linux Foundation

Hyperledger Fabric is an enterprise-grade permissioned distributed ledger framework for developing solutions and applications. Its modular and versatile design satisfies a broad range of industry use cases. It offers a unique approach to consensus that enables performance at scale while preserving privacy.


The ASTRcoin™ Advantage

Unlike many other Cryptocurrencies, ASTRcoin™ is a True Currency presently used to purchase a BlockClaim™ but will be used in the future to invest in Space Mining companies, development of Asteroid Impact defenses, Space Ports and even Space Elevators. As the technology matures so will the ASTRcoin™. Quite possibly, ASTRcoin™ will be a true Space Currency. Frankly, it is up to us. As our constituency grows so does our ability to drive Space Law, develop new methodologies to mine and secure the vast wealth of Space as well all claim what is undeniably ours.


Universal Internet Product Chain

The UIPC™ is a new proprietary protocol, presently in development, and designed specifically for blockchain distributed ledger technologies.
The BlockClaim™ Protocol uses a patent pending design and research to ensure both reliability and privacy in an enterprise network solution.


Our History

The BlockClaim™ Protocol is a singular achievement.
Over 967,000 Asteroids have been catalogued, curated and algorithmically valued.
It took over two years to achieve this goal.  ASTRcoin™ is a unique because it is backed by over $200 Billion in claims.

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    The Beginning

    Company founded with the goal of creating a ground swell for Asteroid Mining and the ability to register mining rights in accordance with the UN Outer Space Treaty of 1967.

    Hong Kong

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    Early Years

    ICO of the ASTRcoin an ERC20 Utility token used to add public claims to mining rights to a global distributed ledger.

    Perth, AustraliaMining Capital of the World

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    Listing and Development

    Listing with LAToken and P2PB2B exchanges.


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    Deploying the

    Finished the MVP (minimal viable product) phase of the BlockClaim™ Registrar Protocol using the most current iteration of HyperLedger Fabric. Metrics : 967,000+ Asteroids 21,000,000 Pre-registered BlockClaims™


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    Split-Testing the Protocol

    Split Testing the launch of the BlockClaim™ Protocol in various markets globally across a spectrum of promotional methodologies.

    Australia, Singapore,India

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Take a few moments and see what has been accomplished in the last two years ...

How to Obtain A Wallet

Getting a "WALLET" to hold your cryptocurrency is new to many people. As ASTRcoin™ is part of the Ethereum ERC20 Network your ASTRcoin™ may be safely stored in any ERC20 compatible wallet.  


The Future Is Space

You know it! We know it! Frankly, even the kids know it!

By joining together in concert our voice can and will be heard. We will command the opportunity Space affords and make it so each of us receives benefit from this new exploration. The naysayers, will of course, say it can't be done, and for them this will most definitely be true.

Why Choose Us

 Three Major Reasons why You andASTRcoin™ will become "The New Bitcoin of Space".



As you are aware all Cryptocurrency is speculative by its very nature. The markets respond to the slightest news and react quickly and efficiently.
Many people are in the "crypto" world to speculate as to which new "coins" will achieve spectacular results.
As such, coins with many people participating have good results as people buy and sell the next "hottest" commodity.
We believe the ASTRcoin™ is positioned to be the potential "Space Currency".



Within the BlockClaim™ system lies the "key" to winning the "Race to Space".
Each BlockClaim™ provides the resources to create Space Law for us all and a significant royalty stream for all adopters of the program.
It's a numbers game, as all business is.
Using blockchain technology, creating a BlockClaim™, will insure an immutable record is created. We have this opportunity because of the Outer Space Treaty, signed in 1967, giving each one of us the right to claim, but as in all claims we must claim first and unite together to become a significant voice.


Ongoing Investments

As BlockClaims™ are adopted a significant amount of capital will be gathered. This will become an investment pool to partake in companies and technology that will enhance Space Exploration with a specific definition to mining in Space.
As Space becomes mainstream in the ensuing years our investments have a proportional growth potential
This will ensure a steady and consistent ROI for the company and enhance the value of the cryptocurrency, both as a value retention and operable currency.

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On this page, you will find answers to the most popular questions of our claimants. Didn’t find what you need? Just send us a request.

  • Is It possible to make a claim on an Asteroid?

    According to the United Nations and signed by 132 countries:

    “The exploration and use of outer space, including the moon and other celestial bodies, shall be carried out for the benefit and in the interests of all countries, irrespective of their degree of economic or scientific development, and shall be the province of all mankind.” (Article I, The Outer Space Treaty 1967)

    With the advent of Blockchain, peer-to-peer, immutable ledgers we have the ability to democratise and track claims, which will ensure individuals the validity of their claim.

    Asteroid has devised a clever system using “smart contracts” called a BlockClaim™ that will record each claim. This is much the same way that we as individuals “claim” a for our use. A BlockClaim™ will register an immutable record to ensure your claim.

    “The question of who owns space, whether it is everybody or nobody, is one that is
    increasingly coming to the fore.” ( )

    By way of comparison, no one actually owns the Internet, and no single person or organisation controls the Internet in its entirety. The Internet is more of a concept than an actual tangible entity, and it relies on a physical infrastructure that connects networks to other networks. There are, however, organisations that oversee and standardise what happens on the Internet and assign IP addresses and domain names, most notably, ICANN.

    Surprisingly, ICANN is a private corporation, non-government entity. In much the same way a similar system is necessary to track “asteroid claims” like we presently register a

    A BlockClaim™ provides everyone an opportunity to
    become part of “Space, the Final Frontier”.

  • How may a Blockclaim™ make me money?

    "Astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson says the first trillionaire in the world will be the person who mines asteroids," said in a statement

  • Is it even possible to mine an Asteroid in space?

    Yes, many of the world’s billionaires are racing to space.
    New industries are hard to predict, but rest-assured mining of space is in the foreseeable future. Industry demands it and simply the earth is being depleted of many resources at the cost of our survivability. Hence, space is the frontier that will allow humankind the ability to expand and provide materials for both earth and space exploration.

  • The ownership of Asteroid mining rights in space?

    Like the Internet, obtaining a domain name requires you to register the name you desire with a nonprofit organisation known as ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers).
    ICANN’s charter states that it is, “Responsible for coordinating and numerical spaces of the Internet, ensuring the network’s stable and secure operation.” Therefore, the enforcement of URL Claim Registration is enforced by a private no governmental organisation for the global usage of the internet.
    In the absence of a system one must be provided. The advent of blockchain technology has made it so an incorruptible public ledger can be hosted for any individual to register their claim publicly via the peer to peer network chain.
    The BlockClaim™ Protocol, based on Hyperledger blockchain distributed ledger technology, will allow for the public registration of immutable information enabling all participants in the system a voice to self-govern and enforce the validity of each claim placed.

  • Aren't Asteroids just giant floating rocks?

    It is believed that Asteroids are really the remains of an exploded planet, one that possibly lived between Mars and Jupiter. Whatever may be the case, they are immensely valuable.

    The nearest estimates reveal, of the 940,000 identified, they are worth over $700 quintillion dollars. To put it another way, about $100 Billion for every human being living today.

    If you’d like to view them go to this website, then go to BlockClaim™

    Many people, in the last 20 years, are preparing for this final adventure. NASA and ESA have developed information about, showing the value, the composition, the location, and the apogee and perigee of each asteroid. When you Dig Deep, on the website you'll be able to see animations, a multi-page treatise on how the value is determined, and even the known minerals on each of the asteroids.

    Quite detailed and intriguing information. Beyond this, there are news articles, videos and scientific papers to discover.

  • How may I know where my Asteroid is?

    Presently, asteroids are tracked by NASA, ESA and private astronomers.

    They follow very specific paths, or orbits, that are calculated very precisely.

    Your BlockClaim™ will come with all the technical information, such as
    AU’s perigee and apogee, composition details and the likely viability of mining.

    Common sense will indicate that those asteroids that are easiest to get to will be mined first and those with larger orbits will come later.

    Given this, it will be those who make their BlockClaims™ early that will have the best opportunity to achieve the resultant monetary rewards earliest.


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