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Congratulations and welcome to the family. We are delighted that you have chosen to come on this journey together with us. We believe that we are well positioned to become the next big breakout cryptocurrency. All the evidence would suggest that the crypto winter is over. In the last 6 months alone the price of Bitcoin has more than doubled. Right now people all over the world are racing to find out who will be the next ‘Bitcoin’ before the sun sets on 2020. Globally, most cryptocurrencies professionals expect that after the USA election in November. Once the elections are over the "street buzz" is we will start to see the next big cryptocurrency market.
ASTRcoin® is one of the most tightly held cryptocurrencies on the market. We, as a company, control roughly 85% of our treasury. The main reason we have chosen to release so little of our cryptocurrency to the market is that we understand how potentially valuable the ASTRcoin® is. To date much of the development and deployment of the Blockclaim™ Protocol has been self-funded and friends and family.
As such, we have been purposefully conservative with the release of our crypto-currency in the past, releasing only small allocations at select times. As a company we are in the process of finalising several large corporate contracts, after which is is likely there may not be another public release of ASTRcoin® for a good while.


We are limiting this next roll out to a maximum of 2500 individuals on a ‘first come first serve’ basis and only to a maximum of US$10,000 per person at the special discounted wholesale rate of US $.10 cents per ASTRcoin®.
This price represents outstanding value as its over a 50% discount to the global average price that ASTRcoin®

Please fill out the form below indicating how many ASTRcoin® you would like to purchase at the special wholesale rate of US $.10 cents per ASTRcoin® to a maximum of US$10,000 per person.
(note: please put in the desired amount )EXAMPLE : for $500.00 Just note as shown.
Asteroid Australia Pty Ltd. will issue you an invoice and full payment instructionsincluding instructions on how you may receive your ASTRcoin® in your crypto wallet.
Once we have received confirmations of receipt of payment we will issue you your ASTRcoin® directly into your crypto wallet.
*If you are new to cryptocurrencies, don’t fret, we will provide you with an easy to follow instructional video explaining step by step how to set up your very own crypto-wallet as well as how to provide us with your unique wallet key in order to for us to send you your ASTRcoin®

  • Warning - There are strictly only 2500 allocations available, There is a maximum of USD$10,000 per allocation. NO EXCEPTIONS PLEASE!

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