"The Wealth of Spacefor the Whole of Humanity"
Our Mission


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About Us

Space is Ours!

We are a dedicated group, who have come together, to ensure that each individual will have the right to claim the vast treasure of space. While this may seem a far off adventure, many of the world's billionaires are lining up to advantage themselves of the great fortunes to be made. Surprisingly, "The Outer Space Treaty" of 1967, gives us all the right to "claim" space. In much the same way we all have the right to "claim" a domain on the internet.

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    With the advent of the new Distributed Ledger Technologies, known as blockchains, each of us will be able to register our claim in an immutable record. Asteroid Australia Pty Ltd has developed a proprietary BlockClaim™ System using HyperLedger Fabric, to catalogue over 940,000 asteroids, with 137,000 known mineable value. You personally can register your claim using this immutable registration system.
    Asteroid Australia has exclusively licensed the BlockClaim™ System to "The Asteroid Society" Asteroid Org Pte Ltd, SG to be the agent for the distribution of the registrations.
    You are invited to register your BlockClaim™. It is $1.99 USD for a $1,000,000 BlockClaim™. The commercial exploration of space is estimated to begin in the next five years.  "Simply put, if You don't claim, someone else surely will."

Numbers Speak

We believe everyone should make their claim to the inestimable value of Space. It is truly the next financial revolution. It is time to combine the genius of Cryptocurrency (ASTRcoin™) with the immutable ledger of a BlockClaim™.
The Outer Space Treaty guarantees us this right, and blockchain technology gives us the method.
Join with the many and most, and become a part of history as we ALL reach to the Stars.


Asteroids On The System


Latent Mineable Value


Pre-Registered BlockClaims™

A Powerful Global Initiative

Tens of thousands of people worldwide have discovered for themselves the value of making a Blockclaim™
ASTRcoin™ is "The New Bitcoin of Space "


Hyperledger Fabric& The Linux Foundation

Hyperledger Fabric is an enterprise-grade permissioned distributed ledger framework for developing solutions and applications. Its modular and versatile design satisfies a broad range of industry use cases. It offers a unique approach to consensus that enables performance at scale while preserving privacy.


The ASTRcoin™ Advantage

Unlike many other Cryptocurrencies, ASTRcoin™ is a True Currency presently used to purchase a BlockClaim™ but will be used in the future to invest in Space Mining companies, development of Asteroid Impact defenses, Space Ports and even Space Elevators. As the technology matures so will the ASTRcoin™. Quite possibly, ASTRcoin™ will be a true Space Currency. Frankly, it is up to us. As our constituency grows so does our ability to drive Space Law, develop new methodologies to mine and secure the vast wealth of Space as well all claim what is undeniably ours.


Universal Internet Product Chain

The UIPC™ is a new proprietary protocol, presently in development, and designed specifically for blockchain distributed ledger technologies.
The BlockClaim™ Protocol uses a patent pending design and research to ensure both reliability and privacy in an enterprise network solution.


Our History

The BlockClaim™ Protocol is a singular achievement.
Over 967,000 Asteroids have been catalogued, curated and algorithmically valued.
It took over two years to achieve this goal.  ASTRcoin™ is a unique because it is backed by over $200 Billion in claims.

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    The Beginning

    Company founded with the goal of creating a ground swell for Asteroid Mining and the ability to register mining rights in accordance with the UN Outer Space Treaty of 1967.

    Hong Kong

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    Early Years

    ICO of the ASTRcoin an ERC20 Utility token used to add public claims to mining rights to a global distributed ledger.

    Perth, AustraliaMining Capital of the World

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    Listing and Development

    Listing with LAToken and P2PB2B exchanges.


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    Deploying the

    Finished the MVP (minimal viable product) phase of the BlockClaim™ Registrar Protocol using the most current iteration of HyperLedger Fabric. Metrics : 967,000+ Asteroids 21,000,000 Pre-registered BlockClaims™


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    Split-Testing the Protocol

    Split Testing the launch of the BlockClaim™ Protocol in various markets globally across a spectrum of promotional methodologies.

    Australia, Singapore,India

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How to Obtain A Wallet

Getting a "WALLET" to hold your cryptocurrency is new to many people. As ASTRcoin™ is part of the Ethereum ERC20 Network your ASTRcoin™ may be safely stored in any ERC20 compatible wallet.